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PostSubject: Zaz.........   Zaz......... Icon_minitimeWed Jun 10, 2009 2:33 am

Name: Zaz
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Description: Trying to grow up as a regular boy, Zaz makes his way through daily life of school and streetlife. Zim being his soposed "dad" Zaz is known to bug him like a father. The human mother of Zaz is unknown and he is bound to find her. He is a street child, but inherits enough traits from his "mother" to make shelters and good working machinary to survive. He is considered the "cool Kid" of the school and is one of the most popular kids to be around. Like any other Alien, he does have a more human form that hides his green skin, eyes and antenies. His alien form reveals human traits such as hair and orgins. Is said to have a secret crush on one of the nerdy like girls from his school that everyone hates. Even though to him, she is his everything.
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