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 Invader Ammo

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Location : On the planet Irk
Job/hobbies : INvader
Registration date : 2010-12-04

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PostSubject: Invader Ammo   Invader Ammo Icon_minitimeSun Dec 05, 2010 6:21 am

Name: Ammo

Gender: Male

Race: Irken

Rank: Invader

Age: About 22 Earth years

Height: 6'9

Current Location: planet Irk

Skin Color: Pale Green

Eye Color: Gray

Personality: Ammo is kinda of a nerd... He likes to be active and he's a know it all. He'll also annoy the crap out of you. He often punches people in the arm or is trigger happy with guns. He likes attacking places and people. He doesn't like most people.

Brief Background:
HE was born and raised like any other smeet. He was sentenced to watch Zim with out Zim realizing Ammo was there. Ammo escaped after to years of watching the brat and now lives on Irk in secret. He has two siblings both dead. He lives for snacks and weapons, this got him into some trouble in the past by sneaking onto Foodcourtia and stealing tons of food (the main reason he had to watch over Zim). He has a gigantic stash of snacks in his room. He has a SIR who is slightly crazy, named Flikc

Current look: (He's not that tall in the picture) Invader Ammo Invader_ammo_again_by_nut_the_cat-d345cd0
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Invader Ammo
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