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PostSubject: ..::Gaz::..   ..::Gaz::.. Icon_minitimeSat Aug 23, 2008 7:06 am

Gaz is very antisocial and high-tempered. She usually prefers to be alone, playing her video game consoles rather than dealing with people.

Her father is Professor Membrane, a world-renowned scientist who is famous for his Science TV show, Probing the Membrane of Science, and for inventions like cold fusion and Super Toast. Her brother is Dib, an amateur paranormal investigator who she constantly sneers at, just like she does to everyone and everything else. In fact, she seems to care little about anything besides video games, pizza, drawing pigs, and soda, though she helps Dib for self gain.

Gaz has a tendency towards sudden, decisive action, especially sworn acts of violence against those who cross her, which she can pursue with monomaniacal focus. She also has a great hatred for her brother, and if he annoys her too much she is prone to attack him, claiming his very voice sends her into a rage. For instance, she once cautioned Dib that he would "suffer horribly" were he to interfere with a ceremony that she was conducting. However, an unfinished episode implies that she may be used to him annoying her as well as his carrying on about the paranormal because in one scene she asks "Why aren't you downstairs irritating me or trying to watch Mysterious Mysteries?" While it is uncertain if Gaz has any level of affection for her brother, she seems to be very close to her father; Professor Membrane seems to favor Gaz as his cuter, less-insane child, and in return Gaz seems to desire his attention, as in "Bloaty's Pizza Hog," where she goes on a daring rescue mission to save Dib just so the Professor will take them out for dinner

-Copied from wikipedia.
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PostSubject: Re: ..::Gaz::..   ..::Gaz::.. Icon_minitimeSat Aug 23, 2008 9:23 am

You didnt have to create a profile for a character that is already made.. But I guess I didnt explain it clear enough.

Welcome to the boards Dibs Creepy sister. Hope you have a Juicy time here!

You can start RPing anytime.

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