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 The. Sorceress.

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PostSubject: The. Sorceress.   The. Sorceress. Icon_minitimeFri Oct 03, 2008 8:33 am


Yea, i aint got no scanner, T^T so i had to take a picture of it with my camera,
Sucks~! But oh well...=P

Name: Willow

Height: 6'3

Weight Lean; mostly muscle

Gender: Female

Age: 202 irk-years (since irkens age much more slowly in human years and tend to dont look their real age, shed be about ehh 24 in human, but looks as if shes 19)

Oreintation: Bi-Curious

Eyes: Radiant Blood Red

Skin: Light Green, has a lovley glowing tint to it, sets her apart from other irkens

Occupation: powerful Sorceress, Under Overlord Firestars Command [one of my other charas], high authority

Species: Irken

Species of Irken: [not telling...havent figered out a name for it yet >.>;, sucks]

Personality: Laid back, doesnt trust people very easily. Keeps to herself alot, unless she is with Darius [her brother], or Alex. Keeps certain aspects of her self and persona hidden, [since Kayne died she has been rather depressed alot, which she keeps to helself]. She HATES crying, shed rather get beat up. She is a sweetie to those she trusts and considers friends. She would do anything for her freinds [so thats right, dont F*ck with them, or she'll F*ck with you]. Abit Emotionless at times..

Fears: [shouldnt be telling you this but....oh well] She hates torture, and hates limb removal, and someone she cares about getting killed. She isnt a big fan of mirrors, cause she, most of the time, isnt seeing her, it like her dark demon self,
she doesnt fear much....

Description: Willow has no Pak, [it goes with the type of Irken she is, having no use of a Pak, or any desire to have that extra weight on her]. She has a slight drinking problem, and is abit mentally unstable at times [since kayne died, shes been abit f*cked up in the head]. Her unusual anntenae design makes it increadibly hard for her to lift them, or barley even move them, its what gives her most of her headaches, shes been tempted to cut them off at many times, but they've grown very sensitive, and are like dead weights to her head at times. And no lie, for an Irken female she does have really good looks [like we all dont XD], and her skin tone makes her stand out a little.
Sleeping is rather difficult for her--due to horrid and hideous nightmares of her past and other things, she rarley ever goes one nights sleep without haveing one. And if she has gone to long without it, she tends to be hostile and more prone to attack at any givin moment. She is abit fidgety at times, her eyes darting everywhere and her mind racing, which is why she isolates herself from most civilization at times.

Willow takes a small interest in technology, though not much, she does have a nice weapon set she tinkers with at times. She can and is very outgoing when it comes to singing and dancing, which she is increadibly good at, if she is in a good mood.
As in being her Irken type, though she may not admit it, her physical strength, as she has built it up to a good level over the years, is not her best fighting qualitly.
She was built for speed, darting and dashing, coming up when the opponent least expects it and delivering a deadly/fatal blow is her specialtly...

Background/Story: Over the years of living, Willow has learned to not care or love sombody to much, its not that she doesnt, she just doesnt think she could bear to loose somebody else. Due to the fact that, about 100 (irk) years ago, she was engaged to be Wed., his name was Kayne, he was Firestars Commander and Tallest of the Sorcery Empire. She had known him for a long time, and they had a child, Alex, but Kayne was killed in an unlikley demise soon after being engaged, by a large group of Turned Defects who had gained control of the undead and had been banished by Firestar, and wanted to over-run them by thnking they could use them to draw Firestars attention. It Worked, but they didnt win...

She and him had been tortured nearly into madness, almost dead when they were found, having the most cruel, vulgar, hideous things imagioned done to them. Kayne didnt survive. When she finally regained conciousness, she found out of his death. She was shocked, angry, sad, and blamed herself. She went mad, due to her grave injuries and her loss. Her inner darkness struggled for freedom, and won...
Her skin began turning this violet-purple and her eyes went as black as the night,
demon wings sprouted, claws grew, teeth sharpened to a hideous point, and anntenas harded like rock. She allowed the darkness to consume her, going madly insane with fury.

She killed anything that crossed or dare stand in her way, doing the most insane, vulgar tings imangined to her victims, leaving scattered, hideous, unidentifiable remains. It took weeks for Firestar to find her, leaving Darius, Gregori and Alex in charge until he returned. When she was finally captured, she was forcibly put in Coma till they could regain what was left of her sanity. Her only son, Alex, was much smaller at the time, due to the fact of an incident in the lab altering his age about 16 years older. It took almost a year to finally regain that speck of sanity, with the help of her half-brother Darius, Firestar himself, and some of the most powerful irken healers they could fnid.
When she finally regained concious again, she went into depression, didnt talk for the rest of that year, wanting nothing more than death, but was convinced by Darius to stay. She, of course, attempted many times to change back, Firestar however restricted the acsess to her inner darkness. She finally accepted defeat,
knowing she wasnt near strong enough to battle with the most powerful, oldest irken alive, let alone have the strength or will to do so. She groggily let them continue their healing process on her.

At that point she made an oath never to love or care about any person, to much,
other than the ones that were related to her, she wanted never to have that much hurt again. When fully healed, she left, going to the god forsaked planet called earth. After residing there awile, she met some other irkens, few she considered friends, showing emotions to, she cared for them, willing her life to those who harmed them.

But still, keeping that oath, never to love or care to much again. She now figures
it unhealthy. About a year later, she had 2 more children, one male, one female. their names Derek and Jade. They now reside with Overlord Firestar. She came and went, from earth to irk. Careful to keep her distance from certain, 'Power Seekers'. Being a Sorceress and all, it had to be kept somewhat of a secret. Because other Irkens, classified as 'Normals' [Irkens who aren't classified as Sorceress, Necromancer, ect...or 'without power'] sought to destroy ones with higher power than themselves. To the Empire, she didnt exsist, a figment of mere imagionation.

She doesnt take kindly to those who wish to seek and destroy her and others like her. But gladly not much of that has happened. A dark, bleak stain has stained her soul leaving her with such distain, forcing herself happy at times, when she just want to drink herself dead. It hurts to know your hated, but you soon learn to get used to it...

again...drawn will be up laterrr

so long, but it has finally been updated, YAY! =3
well, as I said, bits of Info. for you....
Overlord Firestars her father, he is in fact the
oldest irken alive, being 1000 an all, hes a
different type of irken, which goes with that
a really long life span, but he looks about 36
and is over 10ft. tall....XD im rambling
Darius is her brother, i think i shall be posting him up soon,
soo...-coughs- any questions??? =3...good then...-leaves- o.O

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PostSubject: Re: The. Sorceress.   The. Sorceress. Icon_minitimeFri Oct 03, 2008 9:55 am

Awesome story here!
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PostSubject: Re: The. Sorceress.   The. Sorceress. Icon_minitimeFri Oct 03, 2008 9:56 am

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PostSubject: Re: The. Sorceress.   The. Sorceress. Icon_minitimeFri Oct 03, 2008 9:56 am

<33 o3o;
thank yew, thank yew
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PostSubject: Re: The. Sorceress.   The. Sorceress. Icon_minitimeSun Oct 05, 2008 11:40 pm

I'll just up and say that this one is approved because there seems to be a lot of thought put into it.

To Zim: Sorry if I'm not authorized to make such a decision.

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PostSubject: Re: The. Sorceress.   The. Sorceress. Icon_minitimeSun Oct 05, 2008 11:44 pm

^-^ thank yew..
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PostSubject: Re: The. Sorceress.   The. Sorceress. Icon_minitime

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The. Sorceress.
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